The best times to have a bottle of PoSHn Relax

A glass of juice a day is good, good and good for you. But have you ever found yourself wondering at what time of the day should that glass of juice be consumed? Often, people have a glass of juice along with their breakfast, which is a healthy practice indeed but the question is, can that be replaced with perhaps a better timing?
PoSHn superjuices consist of 2 different functional juices, one to RELAX you and the other one to ENERGIZE. The function of these juices is in their names itself; while one helps you relax the other one works as a substitute to coffee and energizes you. If you’re wondering when these functional juices should be consumed, here we are with a list of the best times to have a bottle of PoSHn relax throughout your day:

  1. After a tiring day:
    Imagine this: you’ve just come home from an exhausting day at work or you’ve just finished attending a 3-hour online class and now, all you want to do is sit and watch television; take a breather. It is times like these that a bottle of PoSHn Relax really compliments. One chilled bottle of Relax helps to release the entire day’s tiredness and feel a little comfortable.
  2. After workout
    Working out tends to elevate your heartbeat and body temperatures. Instead of having a glass of water post-workout, try having a bottle of PoSHn Relax. You will notice how you immediately feel much lighter and loosened up. Relax helps you revive your senses and get rid of all the workout-stress, plus helps your body relax.
  3. Before you hit the bed
    Most people prefer drinking a glass of wine or a can of beer before they wander off to dreamland; this has been a long standing ritual and yet, some of these people are looking for a replacement for this habit. If you happen to be one of these people, you’ve come to the right place. PoSHn Relax was founded with the idea of substituting a glass of wine with a healthier option. While Relax provides the same calming effect you might be looking for, it has no alcoholic content and is as healthy as a juice can get.
  4. When feeling hypertension/stress
    When do we need a calming effect the most? It is when we are worked-up, worried, stressed or anxious. That is a whole lot of negative feelings that PoSHn Relax helps get rid of. We speak from experience when we say that a bottle of Relax really helps de-stress and focus on work better.


    Apart from these, if you ever feel the need to chill out, Relax is always here for you. We know that the 3 pillars of a good health are a workout, good nutrition and proper rest; and a bottle of PoSHn Relax helps you with all three!