The ABC of a Happy Health

Concerns related to one’s health and fitness has been on the rise in recent times, especially in the lockdown our nation is facing right now. Most of us, when we think of health, think of hitting the gym or following a rigid diet schedule. However, in this blog, we give to you the steps you can take towards a healthier and happier lifestyle at home.
You must be wondering, why happy and healthy? Well, the answer might surprise you. When you’re happy, your body functions better: your heart beats better, your immunity system functions better, your body accepts nutrients better and you feel better. Not only that, happiness also lengthens your life. It’s scientifically proven!
So here, we give you the ABC of being healthy and happy; the beginning of a journey towards being in a better shape physically and mentally.

Awareness: A duty of being aware and alert comes along with the promise of a better health. But what do we mean by that? That means, to pay a little more attention to what are you consuming and how much are you consuming; being aware of your body and how it reacts to food substances a little bit more. Acts of awareness can be as small as checking your weight every morning to see how your weight fluctuates and as detailed as checking the ingredients of a product before consuming it. When you become more alert, you start noticing the little things about yourself that usually go unnoticed and when that happens, you are able to make tiny lifestyle changes that might go a long way.

Balance: This is something all of us know at the back of our heads; a balanced diet and a balanced life are a must for a healthy happy human. Balance comes in physical forms, emotional forms and spiritual forms. By balance we mean organizing, making time for everything, and doing things avec modération. There needs to exist an equilibrium in the things you do every day. For example, there needs to be energy and there needs to be peace, a small bit of everything. A balanced lifestyle equals to improved health, better energy, lighter mood and reduced stress.

Care:Taking good care of the needs of your own body is a must because if you won’t, then who will? Your body has certain needs that should be fulfilled. Remember, your body is your temple and it should be treated that way. The body needs a proper 8 hour sleep, a proper schedule and discipline, a good cleansing, some basic exercise and healthy food products. You can always start with the little things and then slowly move on to basic exercising and stretching. Body care includes minute details like moisturizing your skin, consuming a good quantity of water and consuming healthy products.

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