Poshn’s Superjuices Will Make You Feel Like A ‘Superhuman’!

Get healthy with Poshn functional super juices

A student appearing for his board exam, a working professional, a party-goer or a homemaker, everyone feels fatigue. Don’t we all constantly need something which helps recharge our body? Well,juices are something that not just taste good but are also considered healthy. One brand making making healthy drinks in the form of functional super juices is Poshn. Poshn’s juices are much more than just juices – they are super juices, because they come enriched with the wholesome ingredients that’ll leave you feeling like a superhuman!

Recharge And Relax With Poshn

Poshn is inspired by the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle. The brand’s aim is to create functional juices for energising and relaxation of the body without the usage of synthetic chemicals. The juices are 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free. These juices also help in tackling caffeine addiction and the need for sleeping pills.

Poshn Functional Super Juice

Poshn super juices are a concoction of fruit and herbs which are delicately mixed to give the consumer the right kind of energy. Their delicious and healthy juices are perfect for someone who has a very busy life and needs a remedy for their fatigue or lack of sleep. Being low on calories, all natural with no added sugar, these juices act as a perfect solution for everyone who is looking for a quick energy boost or a good night’s sleep. Their juices are healthy and delicious.

Poshn offers two types of juices at present: Recharge and Relax.

Poshn Recharge

The first super juice offered is the Poshn Recharge. This tropical blend of fruits like orange, apple, guava, apricot, mango, banana and passion fruit will give you the freshness you deserve. While the delicate infusion of green tea and ginseng will awaken your body one sip at a time. This juice is a great option after a strenuous workout or a much-needed pick-me-up after a long day at work.

Poshn Relax

The other one is the Poshn Relax which is a delicious mix of antioxidant-rich products like cherries, apple, pear, berries and strawberries that help in healing your senses. It also has chamomile petals that really relax the nerves. If you’re feeling overstressed in life, soothe yourselves with this all-natural super juice.

Subscription Plans For Poshn Super Juice

If you’d like to recharge and relax your body with these super juices, you don’t have to spend a bomb.

Poshn Functional Super Juice Pack of 4 for 1 week @ INR 340 | Pack of 4 for 1 month @ INR 300 | Pack of 4 for 1 year @ INR 275
Poshn Functional Super Juice  Pack of 24 for 1 week @ INR 2040 | Pack of 24 for 1 month@ INR 1800 | Pack of 24 for 1 year @ INR 1650

The road to fitness and a healthier you starts RIGHT HERE! So, pick up that phone and order your pack of Poshn super juices immediately.

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