Poshn – Juices To Bring You Back To Life

Cherries, berries and herbs (gin)sing together.

Most days are badly behaved; they’re either hopped up on speed or slow as a slug, which means it’s up to you to achieve a balance. Enter Poshn, a new fruit and herb “functional juice” brand that offers to either help you relax or re-charge your batteries, depending on how today is going. We caught a glimpse of you earlier today and think you may need the latter. We’re happy to share.

The juice is brought to us by the folks of Fettle Works, a good-for-you company, which is simultaneously working on other secret potions that are meant to be nutritious but not without taste.

The Perks of Poshn

The best thing about Poshn is that it’s all-natural, free of added sugar and low in calories (below 60 kcal), crafted with the best pick of fruits and herbs, and  loaded with vitamins and minerals.

The Relax Poshn features a delicious mix of anti-oxidant rich cherries and berries, plus chamomile petals to calm your nerves on a stressful day that just won’t end. The Recharge version is built with tropical fruits and laced with electric currents of green tea and ginseng to provide you with a natural, vitalizing boost of energy at work.

A good time to banish all caffeinated scarlet bulls from the office.

Getting there: Shop at www.myposhn.com, delivery across India, available in packs of 2, 12 and 24, Rs 340 for a pack of 4.