How energetic are energy drinks?

Most of us have consumed an energy drink at least once in our life; maybe during your college fest, or before your exam, or when you were staying up all night completing your presentation for a meeting the next day. Plus, there are an end number of people who survive on tea and coffee every single day. But let’s take a moment of our time and reflect on how good are these drinks for us? And how, the same energy can be packed in a different, healthier product.

It’s not surprising that even though we use energy drinks to provide us with alertness and concentration, most of them are not very beneficial for our health. In fact, some of them might actually have a long lasting damage on our body and body functions.

Most energy drinks contain high qualities of sugar and caffeine. While they do provide you with excess energy, they’re not the best products when it comes to your health. This especially poses an issue with diabetics who cannot consume such high doses of sugar. Not only that, high consumption of caffeine leads to sleeplessness and added anxiety.

There exist concerns that consumption of energy drinks can lead to heart issues. It has been proven that consumption of energy drinks can lead to an elevation in the heart beat and increased blood pressure, both being harmful for the body.

Now the question arises, what has to be done? Should you stop the consumption of energy drinks altogether for the sake of your health? The answer is yes and no. while you need to stop the consumption of these energy drinks loaded with sugar and caffeine, you don’t have to stop drinking energy drinks altogether; you just need to find an alternative.

One such alternative is PoSHn Recharge.

A bottle of PoSHn Recharge contains various citrus fruits and herbs that naturally energize you without the use of any added sugar or caffeine. We do what every energy drink does, minus the harmful effects. And not only that, our energy drink actually adds to your health and provides you with added vitamins and nutrients. Our drink contains Green Tea and Ginseng; Green Tea naturally contains caffeine, and Ginseng is great for mental focus and vitality; so, we provide a natural caffeine kick instead of a synthetic one. Our drink also contains Stevia, a natural sweetener that replaces the huge quantities of sugar. And since we don’t use sugar, instead of that instant sugar rush it is a gradual energy release.
One bottle of PoSHn Recharge makes you more attentive and alert and on top of that, is lactose free and thus can be consumed by people with lactose intolerance.Recharge is also completely safe for diabetics and was especially made keeping them in mind. That, and with the purpose of finding a healthy alternative to caffeinated substances. And look, here we are!

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