We began the research.
– We started looking for the right ingredients that could help in either Energy or Relaxation
– We started looking for the right vendors and manufacturers to help us with the manufacturing process


After Various types of trials and errors, we began SAMPLING! 
– We personally stood at each and every stall
– We heard what the customers had to say and made tweaks based on that
– After a successful sampling of almost 6 months, we were ready to hit the market


Hitting the market
– A large part of this year was spent in solving all the legalities and government formalities.
– All lab tests and shelf life studies were done and then we were ready to make our distribution tie ups
– By October, we had taken our first step into retail.
– By November, we had started selling online.


The call of Victory
–  ​Poshn won the Golden Spoon Award for the ‘Most Admired Food Start-Up Of the Year’ at the India Food Forum.​
– Thousands of happy customers, joining the squad of  Deliciously Natural Poshn lifestyle.



Rahul H. Kakkad

Education: University of Southern California
Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Background: 3 time National Champion in Swimming.
Venture 1: ULTRA MILE tyres – Founder

During his journey developing his tyre business, our founder realised he was Lactose intolerant, and could no longer have a cup of coffee. Tired of all the unhealthy sugary energy drinks available in the market, the idea of creating an energy drink was born.

During this research, we also realised that there were only unhealthy remedies to help one destress and relax. So we began developing both Energy and Relaxation juices.

They say 8 glasses of water a day, keeps your symptoms away.
But our founder says, Poshn a day gets you going and helps you slay.